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Mister Mothball
"You can be pretty weird sometimes. You're just lucky he finds it endearing."
Hello everyone,

How adorable, to have a device that can get in contact with almost anyone in this charming little world~ I want to extend my fondest 'hello' to everyone, and re-introduce myself. I'm Jade; and apparently, I've been here before~ But silly me, I've forgotten all about that time...

Would someone mind filling me in? It almost makes me want to cry to know I've met so many kind and outstanding people that I cannot recall.

But that is in the past. As for right now...

I am living with Saphir. For those of you who don't know, Saphir is one of my best friends ever, of all time. He has the funniest set of eyes, all purple-y and a bit crossed. The sense of fondness I get from being around friends makes my heart goes out to whomever has arrived here without a friend... how lonely that must be.

To anyone who lacks a friend here; I offer my services.

And especially to those of you going about committing heinous acts. Maybe if someone had hugged you as a child, you'd be less twisted.

Yuuko~~~ I have the wine. All I am missing for our date is you. &hearts

[[ooc:I'm horribly bored, so, the white candy-- because Julie and Kris said so, hohoh. Also, I may simply restore his memory after, or during this, because I'm pathetic. Opinions on that are appreciated~]]
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I seem to have located a stray rappig hiding underneath my bed... which bears uncomfortable marks of duel-use. The bed, as ospposed to the rappig.

Saphir; directions. I'd prefer not to spend the next few months of my life smelling like a Iris in a pet-infested home~

I trust you've procured a lab?

Also: Talking monsters seems to be the norm here. It's rather charming, actually. And they might make for better subjects, frankly.

[[ooc: Mhm, so, if you're 'sub-human' and would like to be an experiment? Just give me a poke, and we'll see what we can whip up~]]
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What a curious little fon device. The workmanship looks shoddy, however; it's lacking a central drive.

Really, Saphir should be more careful about where he leaves his little toys...

As I assume you'll read this, I might also ask that you are more careful about where you leave your commanders.

I seem to be a bit lost~
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[ooc: Jade lost his communications device; so he won't be able to reply to entries/post them for a while. Also, he may be a bit MIA, so inform me if you really need him for something.]
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[Screened to Guy]

You'll have to excuse me.

Do not feel obligated to stay. Perhaps locate Luke.


[Screened to Tear, Natalia and Anise]

As to your interest in Luke, it would seem he is with a woman named Sheena. I doubt he has a communications device, but Asch should be able to commune with him.

As for the culprit; I'll deal with Dist myself.

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I have something that must be looked after, so I will be leaving for a stint. In the interm, I would appreciate it if you were to look after Nephry. I'm quite certain she'll have no qualms with staying her residence in the shop if you are her guardian.
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Florian’s magnificent stint with the fine art of poetry has stimulated my own dormant muse~ Ohoh~

I can only present my fondest hope that it will measure up to his stunning talent, and prove just how much I care for a certain individual with this debut~

Mmn. Who to chose. I believe I shall begin with Guy. &hearts

Guy, your name is very long,
Like a very long thing,
With many G’s,
All in a row.

Your hair is quite yellow,
Like the Tokunaga doll,
But you do not allow girls to sit on it,
Unlike Tokunaga. Too bad.

Your pants are exceedingly tight,
And apparently, have pockets,
I don’t know what you keep in them,
But it bet it’s ultra shiny, and very small.

Konata called you a flaming gay ass pirate,
But I am not sure this description is correct.
As you are rarely on fire.
But if you were—we could roast marshmallows.
And it would be groovy.

Edited // to include another two verses, since Guy demanded it. How greedy~

Your dog collar is perhaps one of the shiny things,
That could fit in your pocket,
It may be attached to your neck at this point,
And your head would roll off if you removed it.

That would be Very bad, as we have run out of super glue,
It wouldn't be super at all,
So we'd best leave it on,
Else eating will become difficult for you,
And then who'd have the leftover pasta?

Dist, would you like to be next? &hearts I’m open to requests, of course.

Shigure, I’d love to return a favour~

Shigure, you add –chan to many names,
Sometimes twice, Often to males,
And it’s very unique of you,
Like a rappig with table manners.

Perhaps you require glasses,
To tell gender apart,
But then, It’s very difficult these days,
What with so many Ion’s.

I would let you borrow my glasses,
But then you’d look like an evil librarian,
And that would make Aizen very sad,
As it is his job, and not yours.

Your books are like vodka; you have to be drunk already to enjoy it.
They make people angry, inside and out,
Angry people make amusing faces,
Your face would be amusing too,
If you wore face paint, and crossed your eyes.

Mmn. I believe that will be all for today.

My, I am so creative. &hearts I astound myself.
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[[Beforehand OOC Note: For those of you who've noticed I've been a bit MIA, college has drummed up, and that means being available slowly and sporadically and perhaps even a few drops. To make it up to you folks, I give you Truth Serum-Jade, who you can feel free to make embarrassed/miserable, if you can figure out based on the omissions here that he's hopped up on it, thanks to Guy, who was share-ful with his lemonade. EDIT: BECAUSE I ASKED HE BE, OF COURSE. &hearts]]

I believe that Nephry imagines I murdered Marluxia.

She never was very fond of me.

That's always been... upsetting.

Not as upsetting, however, as the fact that I am going to have to make her suspicion valid in another area of--

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Marluxia has been taken care of.

And Guy? I did indeed pick up the groceries.
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[Screened to Marluxia]

Espionage, now? Quaint.

Let's meet up, shall we? &hearts


[Screened to Frost]

I need a yes or a no. Yes would be preferable.

To answer your question, anarchy implies the laws of nature at lose. And naturally, I would like to accomplish this.


[Screened to Guy]

A few things for which I need to take care of. Look after Nephry, hmm?

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